What would it be like to have a platform where companies looking for plastics could easily and quickly request a quote and get in direct contact with plastics suppliers from around the world?

Yes, how would that be? We were looking for an answer to that question, but after a long time of searching the internet, we didn't even come across anything close to this. So we built it ourselves!

Our goal was to create a global platform where buyers and suppliers meet, collaborate, find solutions to their challenges and ultimately close deals that benefit both parties.


The plastics industry is innovating more and more and every year new developments come to the market.

Yet the way in which buyers and suppliers find each other remains quite traditional.

We wanted to innovate the traditional way business contacts are established. Our process is more efficient, easier and more transparent for both buyer and supplier.

PLASTREQUEST.COM literally opens the world of plastics to everyone inside and outside this fascinating industry.


Our triangle logo holds a dual significance. Firstly, it draws inspiration from the iconic plastic pyramid used for plastic classification, reflecting our dedication to bringing clarity and simplicity to the complex world of plastics

Secondly, our logo emphasizes the collaboration between all participants, illustrating how our platform facilitates seamless global business interactions between suppliers and buyers.