Discover a world of opportunities by joining our dynamic B2B platform today.
We're not just another marketplace in the plastics industry; we're your direct link to a global network of buyers actively seeking suppliers like you.

Here's why you should subscribe:

Effortless Lead Generation
Say goodbye to hunting for leads. Our platform automatically connects you with potential buyers in your preferred categories.
No more cold-calling or tireless searching – the leads come to you.

Global Reach
Reach buyers on a global scale. Expand your business horizons and tap into international markets without the hassle.
We bridge the gap between you and global buyers.

Real Inquiries
We don't just promise leads; we deliver real, tangible inquiries and potential orders.
Our platform is designed to convert potential into profit, ensuring you receive actionable business opportunities.

Streamlined Operations
Simplify your workflow. Manage inquiries and orders effortlessly through our intuitive platform, saving you time and resources. Focus on what you do best – delivering quality products and services.

Preferred Categories
Customize your experience. Connect with buyers who are specifically interested in your product categories, increasing your chances of successful transactions.

We offer four different PLASTREQUEST.COM Memberships: BASIC, PRO, PREMIUM, and ELITE.
You have the flexibility to select the membership that best suits your needs and budget.

Starting at just €19,00 per month, the Basic Membership offers an affordable entry point.
To explore the features available for each membership, you can visit the homepage and navigate to the "Memberships" section.
There, you will find a detailed overview of the features and benefits associated with each membership tier.
This will help you make an informed decision about which membership level aligns with your requirements.

Featured Supplier
All Suppliers have the opportunity to purchase the Featured Supplier status, which offers enhanced visibility and promotional benefits.
The cost for obtaining the Featured Supplier status is €150,00 per month, and the minimum duration of the Featured period is also one month (30 days).
Once the chosen period concludes, your Featured status will automatically expire.

However, you have the flexibility to purchase the Featured status again at any time, should you wish to continue enjoying its advantages and promotional opportunities.

For a comprehensive understanding of the benefits associated with being a Featured Supplier, please refer to the "What is Featured Supplier" section available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Response Credits
Each Membership plan includes a specific default number of monthly response credits for requests on the Leads Dashboard. For the precise number of credits allocated per membership, please refer to the "SEND QUOTES TO RFQ'S POSTED ON LEADS DASHBOARD" section within the Membership details.

If you utilize fewer credits in a given month than your default allocation, the unused credits will automatically carry over and be added to your total credit balance for the following month.

However, in the event that you run short of credits in a particular month, it is not necessary to immediately upgrade your Membership.
Instead, you have the option to purchase additional credits to continue responding to new requests on the Leads Dashboard.
We offer three credit bundles: 10 credits (€30,00), 30 credits (€75,00), and 50 credits (€100,00).

To acquire these credits, simply navigate to the "Post a Request RFQs" sub-menu and select "My Credits" in your personal Dashboard.
From there, you can proceed with the purchase of the desired credit bundle.

Why we do not offer a free trial?
We understand you may be wondering why we don't offer free trials for our platform.
It's an important question, and we want to ensure you have clarity on our approach to providing value to our customers.

Our platform is designed to deliver substantial value to our members from the moment they engage with us.
We are confident in the effectiveness of our services and the tangible return on investment (ROI) they provide.

Offering free trials can attract a large number of users, but it doesn't always guarantee that those users are the right fit for our platform.
We're committed to delivering a high-quality service to customers who see the true value in what we offer.

Please be informed that PLASTREQUEST.COM does not impose any additional charges apart from the ones mentioned above.
We do not engage in commission-based transactions for the sales made on our platform.

Moreover, there are no supplementary fees associated with advertising on our platform.
All aspects of brand promotion, including logo banners and other company communications on your profile page (such as Plast Deals), are already encompassed within your selected membership. These advertisements cannot be obtained individually.

After registration suppliers have a profile page with a dashboard for managing their profile, ROI, memberships,
quotations and orders. Depending on the chosen package, suppliers have access to the following functionalities:


This allows you to manage your profile page and keep your company presentation up to date.
In the profile settings you will find the following sub-categories:

My Earnings
Here you can access a comprehensive summary of your platform - generated sales.
This summary encompasses all available currencies for conducting business on the platform, with actual order amounts displayed only in the currency you've received payments.

This streamlined approach provides you with a convenient and immediate way to gauge your return on investment (ROI).
Your earnings are presented in real-time, offering a clear snapshot of your sales activity on the platform,
and any cancelled orders are automatically refunded.

My Events
Here you can put in the events your company participates in.
These events are also displayed on you profile page and are visible to buyers.

My Certificates
In this section you can name all your certificates and awards that your company has.
This will also be visible to buyers on your profile page.

My Articles
Here you can post articles about your company or business related topics that will become visible on your profile page.
Besides the title of your article, you can also add one image.
Buyers have the option to leave a comments below the article and you as a supplier can respond to this comment.


Identity Check
Here you can have your business verified by sending a chamber of commerce registration.
After approval you will become a verified supplier. For more information see "What is verified supplier?".

Post a Request RFQ's
Manage your leads and chat with (potential) buyers.

My Orders
View order details a change status to "Order completed". Only completed orders can be rated by buyers.

Supplier Profile RFQ's
Send and view quotations and chat directly with (potential) buyers.

Business Hours
In this menu you can set your business hours and lunch breaks.

Plast Deals
Plast Deals is an option to promote deals on your own profile page.
Buyers can order these deals directly from your profile page.
Received Plast Deals orders will also be visible in "My Orders".

Upgrade Account
Here you can upgrade your account to a more comprehensive package if desired.
The term of the package is 12 months.

Buyers have two convenient options to place their requests on our platform.

The first process is via: "Post a Request"

This approach is ideal for buyers who need to quickly submit a request or are uncertain about their exact needs. As soon as the request is submitted, it will immediately be displayed on the Leads Dashboard, available to all suppliers. Suppliers who are interested in making a suitable proposal can directly send a quote to the buyer. Even if a request on the Leads Dashboard is vague or incomplete, suppliers can still provide a target price. Please include any missing details in the quote text and specify that it contains a price estimate. Once the buyers chooses you as a potential supplier, you can proceed with the conversation through the platform’s live chat feature.

Upon acceptance of your quotation by the buyer, you will promptly receive an automated notification.

The second process is via: "Supplier Profile Page"

By browsing through the categories that align with their needs, buyers can discover the right suppliers. Suppliers active in a particular category will appear directly in the buyer's search results. From there, the buyers can easily submit a request for quotation to the selected supplier(s).

The Leads Dashboard is your hub for accessing all the quotation requests posted by buyers through the "Post a Request" feature.

Efficiently navigate through the available leads by utilizing the search function. Refine your search results by employing keywords or specifying a location such as a country and or city. This allows you to precisely target and identify quotation requests that align with your business expertise and geographical preferences.

Our intuitive chat functionality is strategically integrated at various stages of your platform experience, ensuring effortless interactions with buyers.
Whether you're browsing RFQs in your dashboard, or receiving responses to your quotations, the chat option is readily available.

Initiate Conversations After Receiving Supplier Responses
Once a buyer posted a request on the Leads Dashboard, suppliers can respond to their request by providing them with quotations.
At this point, buyers gain the ability to initiate a chat directly with the suppliers who caught their interest.

Discuss Business Requirements and Seek Clarifications
The chat functionality allows you to engage in meaningful discussions with buyers regarding their request and requirements.
Take advantage of this to ask for additional details or seek clarifications on any aspects of the requested products and or services.

Chat in Post a Request RFQs and Supplier Profile RFQs processes
When you access the "RFQs sections" in your dashboard, you'll notice an interactive feature that stands out – the chat option on the RFQ line-level. We've incorporated this user-friendly tool behind every RFQ line to enable direct and instant communication between you and potential buyers. Simply click on the "Chat" button associated with the RFQ and you're all set to initiate a conversation with the buyer.

Chat on the Supplier Profile Pages
In addition to the RFQ sections, our platform offers another convenient way for buyers to connect with suppliers – through the Supplier Profile page. Buyer can easily start a chat directly on the supplier's profile using the red chat button, opening up a private channel for discussing their requirements and ask any questions related to their sourcing requirements. This one-on-one chat capability fosters a more personalized and efficient collaboration.

Building Lasting Connections
We understand the importance of establishing strong and reliable partnerships. After the initial chat between a buyer and a supplier, a meaningful connection is formed. In this case the buyer should take the first initiative to chat with the supplier using the red button on the supplier profile page. From this point onwards, both parties can continue communicating directly through our platform's chat interface. This continuity ensures that all future interactions are swift, as both the supplier and buyer are already acquainted with each other's preferences and expectations.

The system is alerting you with a beep sound to notify a chat message is received. At the top of the PLASTREQUEST.COM homepage and your own dashboard page, there is also a chat message alert indicator that shows you when a message is received, as well as the number of unread messages.

Our chat functionality offers several benefits to users on the platform;

Real-time Communication
Instantaneous messaging allows for quick exchanges, reducing response times and accelerating the RFQ process.
Effortless Collaboration
The chat feature facilitates seamless collaboration, enabling buyers and suppliers to discuss project details,
specifications, and any customization requirements with ease.
Document Sharing
Users can effortlessly share files, documents, and images directly within the chat window, promoting clarity and transparency.
Privacy and Security
All communication takes place within our secure platform, safeguarding sensitive information and fostering trust between parties.
Easy Access
Chat history is stored for easy reference, ensuring that important conversations are never lost.

RFQ Alert is a powerful tool that instantly notifies you whenever a potential buyer posts a request related to your main categories and subcategories on the Leads Dashboard.

Based on the selected categories on your supplier profile page, you ensure real-time notifications, enabling you to stay informed and respond swiftly to new quotation requests.

This feature is designed to save you valuable time by eliminating the need to manually search through the entire Leads Dashboard for relevant quotation requests. This allows you to be one of the first suppliers to respond, maximizing your chances of securing valuable business opportunities.

Plast Deals is an exceptional feature that empowers you to sell your products and/or services directly to buyers through your dedicated profile page.

With Plast Deals, the orders you receive are conveniently visible in both the "My Orders" and "My Earnings" sections, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your transactions and financial performance.

As an Elite member, your company logo will be prominently displayed in the Plast Deals banner featured on our homepage. This elevated visibility ensures that potential buyers browsing the platform will easily recognize and associate your brand with exclusive offers, giving you a competitive edge in capturing their attention and driving sales.

As a Featured Supplier, you have the advantage of consistently appearing at the top of buyers' search results, allowing you to stand out from the competition. Buyers also have the option to exclusively choose Featured Suppliers, streamlining their search results and reducing the number of options to consider.

Additionally, Featured Suppliers enjoy a dedicated section on our homepage, where their business cards are prominently displayed. This increased visibility ensures that potential buyers can easily find and engage with your business, enhancing your chances of securing valuable inquiries and orders.

All suppliers have the opportunity to become a Featured Supplier on our platform. To attain this status, simply navigate to your own dashboard and select "Upgrade Account." Through this feature, you can conveniently purchase the Featured Supplier status.

Once obtained, the Featured Supplier status is valid for a minimum period of one month and will automatically expire after the chosen duration. However, you always have the option to renew your Featured status, ensuring continued prominence and visibility on the platform. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your business and maximize your exposure to potential buyers.

Suppliers with a Pro membership or higher can enhance their credibility by undergoing an 'Identity Check' through the feature available
on their Dashboard to become a Verified Supplier.

After submitting a request, PLASTREQUEST.COM will verify the provided information and notify you via email about the approval or decline of your request. In case of a declined request, there is still an opportunity for approval if all the necessary requirements are met.

Becoming a Verified Supplier holds significant value for your company. By displaying a red dynamic check mark on your company business card, buyers can readily recognize that you are a Verified Supplier, reinforcing trust and reliability.

Being a Verified Supplier also serves as a selection criterion for buyers who wish to refine their search results. This means that being a Verified Supplier increases your chances of being discovered more easily. It's important to note, however, that the Verified Supplier status does not guarantee that your company will appear at the top of the search results like a Featured Supplier does.

Certainly! Your company has the option to subscribe to PLASTREQUEST.COM as both a buyer and a supplier.

To adhere to EU anti-trust regulations, it is mandatory to maintain two separate user accounts: one for buyer activities and another for supplier activities. These accounts must be assigned to different individuals within your organization and associated with distinct email addresses. This separation ensures compliance and helps maintain a fair and competitive environment on our platform.

By having separate accounts, your company can fully leverage the benefits of PLASTREQUEST.COM as both a buyer and a supplier, maximizing opportunities and facilitating seamless interactions with other businesses in the industry.

At PLASTREQUEST.COM, we have deliberately chosen to create a platform that does not facilitate financial transactions between buyers and suppliers. By removing the need for monetary exchanges on our website, we eliminate the associated risks and vulnerabilities that can arise during online transactions.

Our decision to avoid financial transactions between buyers and suppliers on our platform offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it minimizes the possibility of unauthorized access to sensitive financial information, safeguarding your personal data. Additionally, by not requiring monetary exchanges, we eliminate the potential for fraud, credit card theft, or any financial disputes between parties.

While financial transactions between buyers and suppliers may not be part of our platform, we understand that overall security is still of utmost importance to you. Rest assured, we have implemented rigorous security measures to protect your personal information and maintain the integrity of our system. These measures include encryption protocols, secure data storage, and regular security audits to identify and address any vulnerabilities promptly.

Our platform serves the purpose of connecting suppliers and buyers from various parts of the world. In order to ensure widespread accessibility, we have made the decision to offer our entire platform exclusively in English, which is the most widely spoken language globally.

While buyers are welcome to post their quotation requests in their preferred language, it's important to note that doing so may limit the number of responses they receive from suppliers. There is a possibility that only suppliers who can understand that particular language will respond to the request, potentially reducing the overall pool of available options.

However, it is worth mentioning that buyers and suppliers who share a common language are encouraged to communicate in their native language through our live chat feature. This facilitates effective communication and understanding between parties, allowing for more seamless interactions during the business process.

The Importance of Regularly Refreshing
Due to the dynamic nature of web-based applications, the contenton our platform can change frequently. Regularly refreshing the web page is essential for staying in sync with the latest updates from buyers in your dashboard. By doing so, you ensure that you're always viewing the most current information and any other modifications done by customers.

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication
For suppliers, refreshing the web page enables you to respond promptly to incoming orders, inquiries, or collaboration(chat) requests. By regularly checking for updates, you can avoid delays and provide your customers with accurate information, contributing to better business relationships.