Working in the plastics industry, we have seen that customer requests are becoming increasingly complex.
Providers are expected to not only supply products, but often work with the customer to find solutions.

Finding a suitable solution is becoming more challenging for both customer and provider
as applications become more complex and innovations accelerate.

Many plastics providers often represent certain manufacturers or brands, and while that makes sense,
it can get in the way of finding the best solution for the customer.

If customers do not find the right solutions in their network of providers, they usually start
looking for alternatives themselves on the Internet.

But not only for an alternative product, also for a faster delivery time, a price comparison
or a second supplier customers are increasingly looking online.

This search is often very time-consuming, and the result is not always satisfactory.

We saw that this could also be done differently and wanted to build a platform that truly relieves customers.
A platform where the customer can easily place his request and continue his work.

Providers in the right category are notified of these requests and can indicate that they want to make an offer.
Ultimately, it is the customer who determines which providers may submit a quotation.

For this demand-driven platform only one name could qualify, PLASTREQUEST.COM

Curious how this process works? Click “here” to download our user manual.